Sunday, February 5, 2012

RPGs: The Blur of Reality

In today’s gaming world RPGs are one of the biggest platform designs game developers use in creating games today. This year the biggest RGP released was Elder Scrolls newest chapter Skyrim. Personally I have put in over 250 hours of gameplay into Skyrim. The game allows you to create a character to develop and master different skills used in the middle ages. The avatar I created is a human named Leonidas. I made my avatar look exactly like Gerard Butler’s character in the movie 300. I made him a shield and sword fighter with exceptional archery and magic powers. When leveling up my avatar I wanted him to be as well rounded as possible. I wanted to make him as over powered as possible so I made him armor that had a rating of over 1000 and an attack rating over 300 making him basically invincible. After I achieved that point the game became boring because I could never be stopped.   After becoming addicted to this game reality became different for not only me but all the other gamers that have played the game. Even today talking with friends who played the game we always make references to the game and try to use our imagination and use the powers in the game to act it out in real life. My friends and I are constantly trying to use our shout powers with no success. My friends that have created avatars for this game remarkably resemble themselves in real life. They created their avatars to be an exaggerated version of themselves. So in Role Playing Games u can see how Waggoner may be right in saying they do in fact change the formation of identity. After playing Skyrim my identity has been changed and I sometimes wish that reality was Skyrim and I was my avatar and how much easier life would be.