Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Space

Project Space

                For the Project Space project Cisco Eric Vardan and myself decided to go to see the movie Project X and see how people reacted towards the movie and look at who is watching it as wells as the theater space. We all went to different theaters to watch Project X. I went to the Regal Edwards Theater in Canyon Country. When I was in line to buy the ticket I was surprised how many kids were going to see this movie. A good thirty percent in line were kids whose parents were buying them their tickets. When I bought my ticket I got carded which never happens at any other theater, but they didn’t mind that 15 year old want to be cool kids were smoking cigarettes in front of the theater. When I got inside we got our normal snacks and drinks. I noticed that most of the employees were high school kids and I actually knew a couple of them that go to the high school that I went to. We went into theater 10 which is the best one to go into they call it the Coliseum. The Coliseum has the largest screen in the theater and has a state of the projector and screen and thirty four speakers. When the movie started the group of 15 year old want to be cool kids started making noise and yelling. They got kicked out and the space was quiet again. People were laughing pretty much the whole entire movie. A couple of my friends said they were getting a little dizzy from the way the movie was filmed. I really enjoyed the movie I thought it was really funny and I actually enjoyed the way it was filmed because I was originally a CTVA major so I do enjoy films and seeing how they use the camera. When I was leaving I kept hearing people say they were going to throw parties like that and people were caught up in this movie. But now only after a couple weeks since the movie came out people stopped talking about it and some theaters aren’t even showing it anymore. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Science of Shopping

4) Summarize in your own words the ways that retailers use spatial design to affect the consumer's behavior and buying habits.

Today in the shopping malls of the U.S. companies use the space around them to advertise their product to a centralized audience. This is noticeable in any shopping mall and is quite easy to see if you know what to look for. This Saturday I was at the mall buying some new clothes. We stopped at the food court and ate our lunch. I noticed an advertisement for an eight week long diet that is “guaranteed to work. This advertisement was placed right next to the Cinnabon. When I saw this I began to laugh because right away I saw how effective this use of space was. The line was mostly comprised of overweight people, and some even left the line after reading this sign. When I started looking for clothes I was pulled in to the H&M from what I saw in the window. I saw a big poster of a model who was perfect looking and I thought if I wear this outfit or shop at this store I will look good like the model. I spent nearly two hundred dollars and I walked out with some new clothes. As I was walking away all I could think about was the next day trying on my new clothes because I wanted to look and feel as good as the model did in that H&M poster. As I continued shopping for things the advertisements and the use of space was became clearer and clearer. Candy shops and ice cream parlors as wells a toy stores were conveniently placed right near clothing stores for kids. I sat and watched these stores for a while. Creeper status probably not the best idea, The amount of kids  kicking and screaming or begging their mom or dad to go look at toys or go buy candy or have some ice cream was outstanding. It was a good ninety five percent of the kids who did this one after the other. After my mall experience I left and looked back on the spatial use of advertising in the mall and thought it was quite genius and intriguing in a weird sense.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Who is Controlling You?

Gage Katz

Eric Dinsmore

English 114 B

February 27, 2012

Who is Controlling You?
In the movie Gamer, gender and economic class play a huge role in who is being played and who is actually playing. Gamer takes place in the near future in a world where people can control other people. In Gamer two games Society and Slayers were developed to let human beings use other human beings as avatars”.
Society is an interactive social based game that lets “actors” volunteer to be played by random people and not have any influence on what happens to them. The people who pay to play avatars in Society, are usually middle class and of opposite sex than that of their avatars. The mind frames of the players are usually perverted and only use their avatars to get off, because they may be incapable in regular life. In certain scenes in the movie Kable’s wife who is an actor in Society, being controlled by a fat sweaty man who eats waffles in a power chair, starts conversing with another player and they quickly head to an apartment and are begin to get freaky. From what I have seen in the movie the main roles people use Society for is sex and sexual interactions, and do things they wouldnt be able to do in real society.
Slayers on the other hand is a completely opposite from Society. The people who are in slayers are Death Row inmates that were given a second chance at life by surviving 30 rounds of Slayers. The people who control these inmates are generally wealthy from what is seen in the movie. The most famous of the Slayers is Kable. Kable is on his 28th round of Slayers which has never been done before. Kable’s player is a rich seventeen year old who has played Kable since the beginning. He was offered countless times hundreds of millions of dollars to sell Kable. The type of people who are playing slayers are hardcore gamers that love to play shooters and are rich because they have to buy new weapons and armor for their Slayer which is expensive.
The gender of people who are the avatars in society are about even ratio male to female, but in Slayers the majority are male and in the whole movie you only see one female Slayer. I think this is because women are less inclined if they are on death row to go into slayers.

For my essay i chose to write about number 4. Explore gender roles in Gamer and/or The Surrogates. I chose to expand on how economic class and gender will appeal to different roles of gaming. If  you are rich you will most likely play Slayers but if you are a social mess and cannot socialize you may be playing society. The actors are in poverty and in desperate need of money and the Slayers are death row inmates with nothing to lose.  

Project Space

For our Project Space we decided to go to the CSUN Pub & Grill. People usually go to the Pub to study and eat. We also noticed that people were also just hanging with friends and having a good time. When we went the Pub was kind of dead because it was only 9:45 am and most people don’t want to eat and drink beer that early in the morning. As the day progresses though the Pub gets cracking people there are chilling with friends, drinking beer, eating food, and studying. It is almost impossible to get a table around noon. I feel the Pub fulfills its purpose as a social spot and as a study spot. The Pub is a true CSUN spot it has CSUN sports memorabilia all over its walls and screams matador pride.